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In October , with the contest for U. Shocking evidence of political corruption involving the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Campaign, and the campaign's manager, John Podesta among many other parties , emerged. The media bias in support of Clinton and against any of her rivals was unprecedented. Never once have Wikileaks releases been proven to be fake. These emails are forensically linked to the accounts and devices of the parties in question. No one has denied the validity of the emails.

What the Fuck Is Julian Assange Doing?

Julian Assange – The US Sun

I meet up with my white German friend Nina two days after the Hanau attacks. I deliberately avoid the topic of the Hanau murders because I have fallen out with Nina over the question of is Germany a racist country before. So we're just making mummy small talk about doctors and stuff. Because it's a bit annoying for divorced or separated parents swapping the cards back and forth, you know.

Julian Assange faces US extradition after arrest at Ecuadorian embassy

The original author or others are invited to either edit and expand the article with substantive content or comment on the talk page. James Patrick Anthony "Jimmy" Dore — is an American "comedian," syncretic political commentator and conspiracy theorist. As a guest on a YouTube show called Conspiracy Queries in November , Dore said that "conspiracy theorist" is "such an empty, meaningless term.
The utterly ridiculous, vindictive, trumped-up charges against Mark Hirst have failed. Category comment , scottish politics Trackback: trackback from your own site. Excitedly waiting to hear all the details on BBC — very soon now … very soon ….
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